Why Is Social Media Policy Important for Companies In New Normal Way

Every organization has certain policies that define its code of conduct. With social media being a platform that houses people from all parts of the world, they need to dictate a firm code of conduct to keep the user’s behavior checked. Social Media Policy is a set of rules that protects corporates from posts that may be harmful, embarrassing, or against the law.

With more than 70% of organizations still complying with WFH for their employees’ safety, it becomes furthermore important for any company to strengthen its Social Media Policies.

Examples Of Social Media Policy

Big corporate houses have faced a lot of heat on Twitter due to tweets that the users found insulting. Some such examples are DiGiorno Pizza, Kenneth Cole, Clorox, as well as Home Depot. Those miscues led to a bad reputation and legal implications. Hence, organizations took it to themselves to prepare social media policies that would save them from all the trouble.

Below are some of the best examples:

  1. Dell

Dell has the simplest social media policies, which are six simple points that anyone can remember.

  1. Protect Information
  2. Be Transparent as well as Disclose
  3. Follow the Law, Follow the Code of Conduct
  4. Be Responsible
  5. Be Nice, Have Fun and Connect
  6. Social Media Account Ownership

The company has very cleverly framed these guidelines for their WFH employees. Hence, if there are mistakes on social media by anyone in the company, they can explain one of the above social media policies in whatever way they want.

1. Coca-Cola

Unlike Dell, Coca-Cola’s social networking policies are quite elaborate. They divided their set of online guidelines into three parts:

  1. Policy for online community
  2. Guidelines for the company as well as its associates
  3. Policy for online spokespeople

These guidelines further describe what each of these meant. Thus, there was no scope of mistakes by their WFH employees or associates because they weren’t responsible for what they posted on social media, as per one of their guidelines.

1. Ford Motor Company

Ford created their social media policy in 2010, as well as it is a 1-page document. The five major points in the document are:

  1. Honest about who you are
  2. The clarity that your opinions are your own
  3. Respect as well as humility in all communication
  4. Good judgement in sharing only public information — including financial data
  5. Awareness that what you say is permanent

The last policy is one of the key factors why Ford’s documentation of the guidelines is best. When you know what you say will stay permanent, you will think a hundred times before saying it.

Importance Of Corporate Social Media Policy For WHF Employees

As described in the above examples, work-from-home employees, although they work for the company, aren’t under their seniors’ physical supervision. Summarising the reasons below:

  1. Protect companies’ reputation
  2. Protection of confidential information
  3. Prevent employees from facing legal implications
  4. Promote only positive employee advocacy

Final Words

Social Media Policy is vital not just for the company but for their clients and employees too. Although social media is a free-speech’ platform, it doesn’t mean anyone has the right to walk all over you, certainly not corporates with strict social media policy.